Our Team

"Recycle The Black Dollar is a change agent that can reveal the degree of our sustainability as a community."

Chief Technical Officer

Marion G. Rucker IV

"Recycle The Black Dollar creates an ecosystem that allows us to embrace our own brilliance."

Founder, President & CEO

Chantel Clea Goins

"As a product of the 1960s, I was never given real opportunities to know wealth let alone build it. I'm changing the narrative so our dollars are valued and renewed."

Chief Financial Officer

Abracena Carter

"Black creativity powers the world. It's time we use our brilliance to fortify ourselves."

Head of Web Design

Zakiya Brown

"I support Recycle the Black Dollar because this is my way to be the change I want to see in the world."

Senior Events & Exhibit Manager

Mellisa Smith

"The Recycle The Black Dollar creates an ecosystem that allows us to embrace our own brilliance."

Production Manager

Quincy Bates

Our Ambassadors

Andrea Brown

"I support Recycle The Black Dollar because Black lives depend on it."

Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser

"It’s time to promote black economics and support  building our own empires. Y’all ready to show up and show out? I am!"

Jeanette Murdaugh

"Recycle The Black Dollar is a needed entity in our community."

Ernest Walker

"We need resources like RTBD. The directory will ensure Black wealth comes full circle within the Black community."

Andonia Singletary-Benton

Bethany Criss

"I believe the Black community has immense financial power, especially young entrepreneurs."

Dr. Keila Foster

"My parents are teaching me the importance of investing in my community. Even as a kid I can do my part to Recycle The

Black Dollar."

Nathan M. Goins

Rev. Stephen A. Green

"The Recycle The Black Dollar ecosystem allows us to embrace the brilliance of us, the love of us, the excellence of us, the creativity of us, the strength of us."

Chantel Clea Goins
Founder, President & CEO

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