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Recycle The Black Dollar is a black business aggregated ecosystem designed to reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim the Black dollar and talents within our community. 

The mission of Recycle The Black Dollar is to connect Black consumers to Black businesses. Created to help immediately stimulate our community and beyond to build economic wealth for generations yet unborn, Recycle The Black Dollar is a user-friendly, web-based directory comprised of black-owned businesses, organizations and services.

As an effort to fortify the economic power and justice for the Black community, Recycle The Black Dollar amplifies the power of the Black dollar by creating a pathway for Black business owners and Black businesses to unify and fill each other’s business needs.




Reduce the volume in which money and resources leave the black community.


Recycle the black dollar in the black community exponentially longer than 6 hours.


Reclaim the lifecycle of the black dollar that built Black Wall Street.


Reuse the talents within the black community to build and fortify economic justice and economic power for the black community.



After 15 years at the NAACP National Headquarters, I resigned as the NAACP Events Manager to launch Clea Event Productions in November 2016. While at the NAACP it was common to use Black vendors when planning events across the country or conducting day-to-day business. It was something that I took for granted and assumed to be standard practice outside the association. 

However, as an entrepreneur my clients' needs range in the scoop. Oftentimes, many of the vendors that I've used for decades at the NAACP were outside of my clients’ budgets but I knew I had to find solutions that centered on recycling the Black dollar.

Since 2017, I've tried to empower other people to launch this concept and to no avail, it always seemed to fall on deaf ears. However, I now know that God’s vision for Recycle The Black Dollar is a project that calls for my own leadership and now I'm walking in it with the support of the team and our ambassadors.

Our Team

Founder, President & CEO

"There is power in investing back into our communities. Our families will be financially secure for future generations to come."


Production Manager

Quincy Bates

Our Ambassadors

The Recycle The Black Dollar ecosystem allows us to embrace the brilliance of us, the love of us, the excellence of us, the creativity of us, the strength of us.

Chantel Clea Goins
Founder, President & CEO
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